Our Community

Those of us who are involved in Linux and Open Source tend to think of ourselves as part of a community. Even in cases where FOSS projects are in competition with each other (e.g. Linux distributors and vendors) the community is still a fact of life for us. That’s because the principles of free and open source software development makes those businesses possible in the first place.

This organization is a meeting place for the community, a place to meet each other, to learn, to share, and to focus on the benefits of the work we do and the products we create.

We are here to educate the public;

  • to help them understand what we do
  • to help them understand the benefits of our products
  • to help them understand why FOSS is important

Our message is that Open Source Software is a legitimate alternative to other proprietary, commercial offerings. Not only an alternative, but in many cases, a better choice economically, functionally, and technologically.

The message . . . “Linux is the Best”. OpenOffice.org is the best. Firefox is the best. Not good, but best.

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