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10+ mistakes Linux newbies make . . .

Over at ZDNet, Larry Dingan has an interesting collection of mistakes made by new users. The reason the article is interesting is that it points out that, yes, some of the issues with learning to use a Linux desktop are most definitely with the user. Larry doesn't entirely blame the user, however. He does point out that, often, the new user is set up for failure by the person who introduces them to Linux in the first place. Worth checking out.

New York Stock Exchange Moves to Linux

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is migrating to Linux. Francis Feldman, vice president of NYSE's technology arm, said that the move cut the cost of transactions in half. He didn't give actual numbers but was quoted as saying that there were "serious financial savings, very serious." To read all about it, click here to visit Techtarget.

Will FAA ditch Windows for Linux? Maybe.

Another interesting article from Information Week. This one cites sources at the Federal Aviation Administration who say they are considering abandoning Microsoft Windows for Linux running the new Google business office suite. Fascinating reading at this address. Let's hope the FAA follows through with this line of thinking. Linux and Open Source is good for business and it's good for all of us.

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