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This site represents a kind of blue sky thinking about an idea to promote Linux and open source software. It is an experiment that grew of of an idea I proposed in various talks I have given. I envision the Linux and Open Source Marketing Board as an industry umbrella organization whose purpose it is to send a consistent, positive message about FOSS (of which Linux is the poster child) to both the public and other members of industry. Although I am calling it an experiment at this time, I see no reason why we can't breath life into the LSOMB and really make Linux and FOSS part of the public consciousness.

I originally suggested this idea during my keynote at the fifth annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca College, York University. You can watch a clip from the talk below or, if you prefer, you may choose to download a copy here. -- Marcel Gagné


You are your own Linux Marketing Board

I carry an Ubuntu disk with me at all times -- it is a case of "Don't leave home without it". Why? If I get a chance to talk to a person about Linux I want to make it as easy as possible for that person to try it out.
I have to admit that I have not had as many opportunities to hand out disks as I would like. I am thinking that what would be just as helpful in the promotion of Linux is a short handout to give to people. Something quick, short and inexpensive to produce.

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