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This site represents a kind of blue sky thinking about an idea to promote Linux and open source software. It is an experiment that grew of of an idea I proposed in various talks I have given. I envision the Linux and Open Source Marketing Board as an industry umbrella organization whose purpose it is to send a consistent, positive message about FOSS (of which Linux is the poster child) to both the public and other members of industry. Although I am calling it an experiment at this time, I see no reason why we can't breath life into the LSOMB and really make Linux and FOSS part of the public consciousness.

I originally suggested this idea during my keynote at the fifth annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca College, York University. You can watch a clip from the talk below or, if you prefer, you may choose to download a copy here. -- Marcel Gagné


More importantly, we are here to educate the public;

  • to help them understand what we do
  • to help them understand the benefits of our products
  • to help them understand why FOSS is important
    While the board supports and promotes a wide variety of open source projects, we do tend to focus on core of products that the public can easily associate with. Examples include Linux itself,, Firefox, and so on. The board is also a clearing house for diverse marketing ideas and promotions. For instance, we could keep (or link to) the very clever videos done by IBM and Red Hat to promote Linux, or the Firefox ad that appeared in the New York Times. Everything here is a work in progress. Call it 'blue skying'.