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Novell says Linux Desktop is a 'Blast'

The Globe and Mail has an interview with Novell Canada's Katie McAuliff (president of Novell Canada). In her interview, McAuliff says, "The Linux desktop is a complete blast. This market just went to a million downloads. It's hot, it's cool, it's a lot less expensive, the kids are loving it. School systems have some great desktop operating systems — it's also in kiosks, retail systems, point-of-sale systems. A lot of those systems are being refreshed now, so the best thing now is really lowering the cost of ownership, increasing return on investment. This is a great space, very strong selling. We're 95 per cent there as a viable alternative to anything else. These are huge growth markets for us, enjoying double-digit growth."

To read the entire interview in the Globe and Mail, click here.