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Blue Skies

This entire section is blue skying -- random ideas that haven't been officially catalogued or sorted. As such, it may change dramatically from one viewing to the next.

Aaron Seigo prefers the term, "Open Source marketing society" as opposed to board.

What does the board/society do?

  • Set policy
  • Enact policy
  • Support the society/board.
  • Create "memes" to establish open source in the public mind.
  • Deliver marketing materials for members. We need "Red Books" (a la IBM), educational tools to train people. The message must be consistent and members must be able to respond in such a way that it strengthens the message.
  • Hold annual/regular conferences.

    What needs to happen?

  • There needs to be a buy-in.
  • We also need a critical mass.

    Sustainability :

  • How much do you charge? (what the market will bear?)
  • Hard to gauge properly.
  • Money can be a barrier to entry.
  • How do you make it palatable.
  • You need to have money coming in, and as much as possible.

    Four Groups would be involved.

  • Small business people, SMB, SME.
  • Corporate clients as well.
  • Non-profits need to be there as well. Don't want to limit input.
  • Vendors should be on their own pay scales.

    There is a premium group, and we decide what it is worth. They are the advisory board.

    We are going to milestone and try to keep to those milestones.
    Part of the membership is a transparency of how the money is spent.

    Managable working groups . . .
    Then we have the pillars of society.
    A meritocracy . . . We don't have to put anything into it, because we already do/have.

    Co-marketing, partnering,

  • Hot topics (ie: the Novell/Microsoft partnership).

    What can we learn from social networking sites?

  • Everything costs points.
  • Contributing to or accessing information.