Peugeot Chooses Desktop Linux 20000 Times!

SUSE Linux (and in turn, Novell) has just signed a contract with Peugeot, Europe's second-largest car manufacturer, to install and deploy Linux on 20000 desktops and servers. Coincidentally, or not, this announcement comes at the same time as Microsoft's release of Vistam, its new Windows OS. Read the entire story on the Technewsworld site.

Marketing & Advertising

Getting the message that Linux and open source applications are out there, mature, useful, and yes, exciting, is extremely important to the future. The average person on the street must be made aware of open source software, what it is, and what it can do for them. Part of this organization's mandate is educating the public, one of the core purposes of marketing. To most people, that usually means advertising.

Half of All Businesses Will Switch to Linux

According to an article in Computerworld, "Nearly half of all enterprises will be running mission-critical business applications on Linux in five years' time. That's according to survey of IT directors, vice presidents and CIOs carried out by Saugatuck Research, which questioned 133 businesses worldwide." That's a pretty impressive market penetration for Linux. There's no mention as to whether this includes desktop applications, but the indication is that is relates to server software. Click here to read the whole article.

Amsterdam Ponders Open Source

The City of Amsterdam is looking into open source sofware to cut costs by testing These tests are to take place in the first half of 2007. This story comes from via the IDG News Service. You can read the whole article, click here

French Parliament Switches to Desktop Linux

As of June, 2007, the French government will install Linux on nearly 1200 desktop computers in its Parliament. The Website states, "According to the reports, the French National Assembly decided to make the move because it saw opportunity for significant cost savings -- even after factoring in migration and training expenses."

For the whole story, click this link.

Birmingham City Council claims open-source success

It would appear that earlier media reports on the failure of Birmingham City Council's failure to deploy desktop Linux may have been inaccurate. In this Techworld article, Birmingham City Council sets the record straight.


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